Drum Power provides drum & dance leadership development programs for children and youth, features the Advance performing youth group and the annual Drum & Dance Camp. We provide educators who shape Drum Power to fit the specific needs of both your program and your participants. We work with your staff to build lesson plans and schedules, and all programs include: participant-led discussions, journal writing, community service, assessment/evaluation, performances, regular meetings with your staff and parental involvement. We can run a Drum Power program at your site as many as four days a week during the school year, and/or during the summer. We recommend offering a minimum of two, 1 to 2 hour sessions at least twice a week for maximum effectiveness.

Making Drum Power Fit Your Needs

We work with your staff to do the following:
• Determine your goals for Drum Power—which OUTCOMES are most important to you
• Assess the resources and equipment that you already have for Drum Power
• Find out the specific developmental needs of participants
• Share possible lesson plans and evaluation/assessment strategies
• Explain our requirements for successful implementation
• Design your specific program

Materials & Facilities Needed

• Instruments:
A. For West African-Djembes (1 per participant) and two Dunduns
B. For Afro-Cuban-Congas (1 per 2 participants), claves, cow bells, palitos
C. For Brazilian-Surdos (set of three), 1 repenique, 1 timbau, agogo bells

• Activity Room large enough to accommodate participants, instruments and instructor with chairs. (It would be best for the room to be somewhat isolated given the volume of the drumming.)
• Storage space for the instruments and materials
• Chalkboard
• CD and/or tape player
• Journal/Note books

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